Metrics and measurement

As a UXer and Product Manager I rely heavily on insight and analytics to inform what I do. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some first-class data scientists who have taught me way more than I ever thought I’d know about such things as weblog analysis, statistical abominations and the sheer power of well-managed numbers.

Here’s some of the things.

Event tracking (Google Analytics or otherwise*) at Zopa

Designed measurement frameworks and championed the in-house deployment of properly structured event tracking to enable user interaction analysis. Everyday  we find a new use for this amazing data.

Some examples:

  • registration process pain points and drop-offs (individual field interactions)
  • loan calculator interactions
  • on-site journeys

Measurement framework


Measurement and analytics reporting framework at Cancer Research UK

Oversaw development of a framework to break down high level goals into chunks and associated deliverable actions and KPIs.

Measurement framework