Conversion optimisation and registration form design

Zopa 2014

Zopa loan registration form

Zopa is the UK’s largest peer-to-peer lending service. It’s digital platform enables individuals to lend money to people without going through a bank.

Brief: improve the loan application process

Concept: optimise registration form

Why: improve customer experience and website performance (conversion)

How: identify business and user goals, refine content (copy, fields, structure), test and optimise design

This blog post about designing registration forms explains further the approach and thinking behind this.

My role: UX design, analytics, testing, product management


Take a look at the Zopa website.


Race for Life 2013

Race for life application form 1

Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life is a series of 5k or 10k women-only fundraising events, which are raising money for research to help beat all 200 types of cancer sooner.

Brief: redesign event application process to optimise for multi-device users (mobile and tablet).

Concept: simplify the process, reduce user effort and adapt for mobile users

Why: conversion rate dipped as the use of mobile devices drastically increased

How: match user and business goals, strip out unnecessary content, use analytics and testing to inform design process, create new design.

My process and thinking is summarised in this blogpost.

My role: UX design, analytics, testing, team management

Results: take a look at the Race for Life website.

Race for life application form 2