More about me

Experienced, customer-focused product and technology leader. Empathetic, enthusiastic, love a challenge.
I’ve just joined SEEK Asia, as Product Director where our vision is improving lives through better careers.

Prior to SEEK Asia, I was Product Director at Bloom & Wild, a London-based start-up that is disrupting the gifting industry by creating a highly personalised, mobile-friendly experience that enables people to send flowers to those they care about. It’s a cool idea – flowers through the letterbox, ordered in under a minute via your digital device of choice.

I’ve worked for both small and large organisations, across a variety of sectors. Prior to Bloom & Wild I worked for a fin-tech start-up called Zopa, that pioneered peer-to-peer lending and has gone on to build a digital-first bank. I have experience of building high growth businesses; building, developing and managing teams, cultures and organisations and embracing all the change that comes with it. I’ve also experienced digital transformation in larger scale organisations while working for the likes of Cancer Research UK and The UK’s Government Digital Service and helped build out high performing product teams to realise business goals.

I take a people focused approach to both products and teams, I’m interested in how people think, feel and do, and applying this to the design of products and services that solve genuine problems and user needs. I’m also close to the tech and have grown development teams from single digits to multiple Scrum teams, and have tried and tested most flavours of Agile and Lean inspired processes along the way.

Long List of Interests & Experiences

  • high growth business strategy
  • design thinking – as a way of life
  • hiring, managing and developing people (mostly product managers, designers, developers, QAs)
  • fundraising, due diligence, etc…
  • user-centred design (researching, prototyping, testing, customer journey mapping, heuristics)
  • Agile principles (Scrum/Lean/Kanban) – with the experience and sense not to stick to the textbook
  • coding, mainly for fun, but helping out where needed (Ruby, JS, HTML, CSS)
  • service design and delivery (people and processes surrounding/enabling digital services)
  • digital transformation at scale
  • product management (in many of its varied guises)
  • qualitative and quantitative data analysis (Google Analytics, SQL, and beyond)
  • web development (IA, content strategy, navigation, UI design, HCI)
  • fin-tech (loan origination and credit scoring, inc machine learning)
  • flowers
  • start-ups (people, team and process development; rapid growth and development; lean/MVP)
  • APIs/3rd party integrations (payments, credit scoring, JustGiving)
  • mobile/tablet apps (design and build)
  • idea generation and new product development (facilitating, prototyping, project management)
  • digital / product marketing
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner

A short history

USA. Bristol. London. All over the place. Melbourne. London.

Journalism and digital comms management in a past life. Now UX design, tech, data and product management. For the better.

Interested in how people use things (technology, especially), and how things make life better (or easier). This is also known as user-centric design or user experience or UX or service design. I’m currently using this to rethink the way we send gifts at Bloom & Wild.

Mainly: people, sketching, empathy, post-its, listening, data

Also: content, code, gadgets, black, white, grey

And: making these things work together to create great things

You can find me on twitter and linked in. You can also read my CV and portfolio on this website. The best way to get in touch is either by tweeting me or emailing myfirstname (at)

My blog is an informal guide to what I’m currently doing. There’s also an abbreviated version. And here’s a few things I’ve worked on over the past few years.

Time off: jmfmull, coffee, bikes, beer, music, far-flung lands and adventures



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